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Walking Together on a Path of Service

Individual and social transformation is at the heart of the Bahá’í teachings.  Bahá’ís, together with their friends and neighbours, participate in collaborative study to develop knowledge, spiritual insights and skills to enable them to contribute to the betterment of society. This development begins with their own neighbourhoods and communities.


Presently, such collective learning takes the form of study circles—a local, collaborative, self-directed learning process being undertaken by Bahá’í communities around the world. All are welcome in the classes, regardless of their ideals or beliefs.


Bahá’í study circles are participatory in nature; the group is facilitated by a tutor whose role is merely to assist discussion. The uplifting and inclusive nature of the study circle provides a conducive learning environment.


Participants in the study circles discuss concepts within various spiritual themes and consider their application in their daily life as an individual, community and society.  The study circles prepare the individual to participate in various areas of community building such as running programmes for children and junior youth and engaging in service to society for unity, justice and equity.


These experiences also build skills to enable the individual to become a tutor for yet another group of study circle participants. Participants in study circles often experience a new sense of direction in life, better relationships with family and friends, and a fruitful re-evaluation of the contribution one can make to the wider community.


Studying with a Circle of Friends


“We should help build our communities wherever we may be, irrespective of how long we have been living there”


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