Strengthening the Devotional 
Character of the Community

Coming Together in Prayer

The spirit of fellowship and harmony that binds us together is strengthened through acts of worship. Bahá'ís consider daily prayer as essential for spiritual sustenance and growth, just as food is essential for physical sustenance. Through prayer, one praises God, expresses love for Him, or beseeches Him for insight or assistance.

It is a common practice for Bahá'ís to gather with their friends and neighbours to offer prayers. Devotional gatherings are held in community centres or in one another’s homes and consist largely of reading prayers and passages from holy scriptures in an informal, yet respectful, atmosphere. Uplifting music and song are often included. There are no rituals; no individual has a special role. These simple gatherings bring people of all backgrounds and beliefs together in prayer and generate a unifying spirit that begins to permeate the community.

“Gather ye together with the utmost joy and fellowship and recite the verses revealed by the merciful Lord. By so doing the doors to true knowledge will be opened to your inner beings, and ye will then feel your souls endowed with steadfastness and your hearts filled with radiant joy.”