What We Do

Belief in Action

Around the world, people of all ages, faiths and backgrounds are engaged in a process of community building based on the unifying teachings of Bahá'u'lláh.

Through a process of prayerful study, consultation, action and reflection, children, youth, and adults engage in their own spiritual development. They explore spiritual concepts together and apply them in their own communities. Capacities for service are developed and increasingly complex collective action becomes possible.  Transformation on the self and society go hand in hand.

We invite you to meet Bahá'ís to learn more about the Bahá'í Faith. Let’s have conversations on challenges facing us, our families and our neighbourhood and work together to contribute towards the betterment of our communities. 

We welcome you to our devotional meetings, study circles, empowerment programmes for youth and children. There is no requirement to be a member of the Bahá'í community to participate in these activities.  All are welcome.

Contributing to the Life of Society

Bahá'ís are collaborating with an ever-increasing number of movements, organiza­tions, and individuals who further the cause of unity, promote human welfare, and contribute to world solidarity. In choosing areas of collaboration, Bahá'ís bear in mind the principle, enshrined in their teachings, that means should be consistent with ends; noble goals cannot be achieved through unworthy means.

Specifically, it is not possible to build enduring unity through endeavors that require contention or the assumption that inherent conflicts of interest underlie human interactions. Thus, Bahá'ís are not permitted to take part in partisan politics, civil disobedience, or violent or seditious activity.

Bahá'ís engage in social action to promote the social and material well-being of people of all walks of life, whatever their beliefs or background. Such efforts are motivated by the desire to serve humanity and contribute to constructive social change. Social action is pursued with the conviction that every population should be able to mark out the path of its own progress. Social change is not a project that one group of people carries out for the benefit of another. The primary concern of social action is to build capacity in individuals and communities to partici­pate in creating a better world.

One aspect of the Bahá'í community’s efforts to contribute to the betterment of the world is through participation in the discourses of society.

The purpose of Bahá'í participation in discourses is not to persuade others to accept a Bahá'í position on a particular subject. Bahá'ís do not set out to offer any specific solu­tions to the problems that face humanity, such as climate change, women’s health, food production, or poverty alleviation. Nor are efforts pursued as public relations activities or academic exercises. Rather, Bahá'ís strive to learn and engage in genuine conversation. Bahá'ís are eager to share what they are learning in their own efforts to apply Bahá'u'lláh’s teachings towards the advancement of civilization and to learn with and from other like-minded individuals and groups.